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We seek passionate, creative, and open-minded professionals; people who leave a positive impact on not only the project, but on their fellow coworkers. If you seek to join a company where you can be proud to do your best work, learn how we can work together.

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The Mission

“To create experiences we are proud of, with people we like, in order to make the world a better place.”


People First

Above all else at Schell Games, we value and prioritize our people. Each person makes up a part of the vibrant culture at Schell Games and each new hire is an addition to that culture. We’re always looking for curious, creative, and kind individuals who want to grow with the studio! Our goal with benefits and total compensation is to remove obstacles so you can be your best creative self. We’ve highlighted a few of our unique, industry-leading benefits below:

Physical Health Icon

Physical Health

We value your health and have made it a priority to provide you and your family with medical, dental, and vision coverage that is affordable, accessible, and effective, starting on your first day.

Emotional Health Icon

Emotional Health

Your well being extends beyond the physical. Not only do we provide generous vacation time, but we have multiple Employee Assistance Programs, a supportive management structure, and an anonymous feedback system that is answered directly by our CEO, Jesse Schell.

Financial Security Icon

Financial Security

Besides having a sustainably-sized workforce that has never had a layoff, we have a 401(k) program with low fee funds, a company match, and education opportunities to help you reach your retirement goals.

Professional Development Icon

Professional Development

We have a clear title structure that breaks down the attributes and qualities needed for advancement. We have semi-annual feedback sessions so you know how you are doing, and provide funds and additional leave so you can attend classes or conferences to aid your professional growth.

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Social Connectedness

We are committed to the city of Pittsburgh. We are constantly looking for ways to give back to our community and provide you with opportunities for further engagement.

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In addition, we offer:

  • Family-Friendly Benefits. Parental leave for new parents, a health insurance plan that covers IVF, an adoption benefit, and Paid Family Care Leave.
  • Jam Week. One week a year we suspend all projects and have a Game Jam with copious amounts of food and snacks.
  • Work-Life Balance. Seriously, if you’re crunching, we’re doing something wrong.
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Culture Accolades

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Workplace Diversity and Inclusivity Nominee Global Industry Game Awards | 2021
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Wreath Image
Best Places to Work Winner | 2021
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Wreath Image
Best Places to Work - Diversity Award Winner | 2021
Wreath Image
Wreath Image
Best Places to Work Winner Pittsburgh Business Times | 2020
Wreath Image
Wreath Image
Best Places to Work Winner Pittsburgh Business Times | 2019
Wreath Image
Wreath Image
Best Places to Work Winner Pittsburgh Business Times | 2018
Wreath Image
Wreath Image
Best Places to Work Winner Pittsburgh Business Times | 2017
Wreath Image
Wreath Image
Best Places to Work Winner Pittsburgh Business Times | 2016
Wreath Image
Wreath Image
Culture Leader of the Year Winner PTC Tech 50 | 2015
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Wreath Image
Best Places to Work Winner Pittsburgh Business Times | 2015
Wreath Image
Wreath Image
Best Places to Work Winner Pittsburgh Business Times | 2014
Wreath Image
Wreath Image
Best Places to Work Winner Pittsburgh Business Times | 2013
Wreath Image
Wreath Image
Best Places to Work Winner Pittsburgh Business Times | 2012
Wreath Image
Wreath Image
Best Places to Work Winner Pittsburgh Business Times | 2011
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Wreath Image
Best Places to Work Winner Pittsburgh Business Times | 2010
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Employee Stories

Our People

Our diverse team of highly talented artists, programmers, producers, and game designers work collaboratively to create transformative experiences across a wide variety of platforms. We need people who are flexible and looking to develop new skills, and individuals who are highly specialized in a subdiscipline. Check out a few of our amazing team members:

Job Openings

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Welcome To Pittsburgh

Whether you’re big on culture, arts, and inner-city living, or having both land in the suburbs and a reasonable commute, we like to think Pittsburgh has something for everyone. The city itself is made up of over 90 unique neighborhoods, all within a 10-mile radius of the office, and each with its own personality. We’re proud to be a part of the thriving tech industry while enjoying the region’s low cost of living. Over half of our team members own homes, both in the city and surrounding areas.

Pittsburgh Median Home Value


Compare With

Austin - $454,896

Boston - $659,826

Chicago - $276,992

Los Angeles - $809,865

New York - $657,637

Raleigh - $315,046

San Francisco - $1,400,444

Seattle - $813,154

Washington DC - $672,601

Home Value Index Data from Last Updated 3/1/2021
Interns & Fellows

Interns & Fellows

Our internships are both competitive and impact-making - you’re treated as a full team member doing real tasks. It’s a great opportunity to experience game development in a professional, supportive setting. Our programs run during the spring (Jan-May), summer (Jun-Aug), and fall (Aug-Dec), and we work with various institutions to provide cooperative work education experiences. You must be currently enrolled as a student to qualify for an internship. If no current internship is listed, please apply via “Future Internship General Submission” for consideration in the next applicable round.

If you are not currently a student, but are looking to break into the games industry, you may qualify for a post-graduate fellowship. Fellowships are six-to-nine month experiences that function much like an internship but are not limited to academic calendar years and have better perks! Please apply via “General Submission” and indicate your interest in being considered for our fellowship program.

Frequently Asked Questions


What's the best (and only) way to apply?

The careers section of our website ( has all of our available openings listed, and there is an “Apply for this Job” button on each post. We are notified by email each time someone submits an application. This is the only way to ensure that your application will be reviewed. Note, if you know an employee at the studio and want them to put in a good (or great) word for you, please apply via the website, list their name in the “Referred By” section, and have them send HR an email telling us the many ways in which you are awesome.

What if there aren’t any openings for my skill set listed?

Don’t freak out - we are always looking for talented people! Our General Submission posts (both full-time and internship) are there all the time so we can receive applications from all possible candidates. If we have a specific need, we typically advertise that opening in a separate post and then go through our existing candidate pool from the general submission posts and convert those applications to active consideration.

Will I always hear back something from my application?

Now that you have applied, we can assure you that your application was not swallowed by a black hole. All candidates will get an acknowledgment that we have received your application. Additionally, we will let all candidates know of the status of their application to specific job postings periodically throughout the hiring process.

If you send your application through our General Submission post, we will review the application periodically as specific job postings arise. If we find your application matches a newly posted position, we will notify you accordingly. To stay on top of all job postings from Schell Games, we recommend setting a Google Alert for new postings or checking back frequently to see if your specific skill set has its own post!

How do I make my application stronger?

We always recommend having a portfolio of some sort, whether it’s your own personal website, or a Dropbox folder of stuff you’ve worked on. Having some prototypes, code samples, or artwork readily available helps demonstrate your passion and commitment!

Should I only include finished products in my portfolio?

No way! How you got to the finished product is just as important (if not more so) than the finished work itself. It’s also helpful to call out on a portfolio item what exactly you contributed if it was a team effort. Check out game designer Marlena Abraham's post: "Creating a Killer Game Design Portfolio: What To Include and Why."

What else should I highlight in my application?

Schell Games is a highly collaborative environment, so if you have examples of working in cross-discipline teams, we would love to have you share! A great way to do this is by writing a development blog where you discuss difficult challenges you’ve faced and how you’ve solved tricky problems as a team.

Do I need a certain degree or educational background to apply?

Not necessarily! Making games is hard, but if you’re dedicated, it’s easy to find resources to help. Full, professional video game engines are available to you, right now, for free. Unity, Unreal, GameMaker, and a plethora of smaller tools can be found with a simple web search, and most won’t charge you to start developing. There are also tutorials to help you get started using them. YouTube tutorials, quick start guides, and blog posts about individual problems are all at your fingertips. Nobody has ever gotten a job in the video game industry based on the strength of their ideas alone. Making video games is fun, but it’s also a lot of work, and you need to show you are willing and able to take that work on.

Having nothing to show for yourself except a dream and a degree is much, much worse than having a portfolio full of small, simple mods/art/games that you’ve seen through to completion.*

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Full Benefits List

Physical Emotional Financial Professional Social


We cover a large portion of the premiums for your UPMC medical plan. We also provide an HRA that covers 85% of the in-network deductible. For other costs you can use a medical FSA, which we frontload at the beginning of the year. Coverage starts on your first day.


The plan has no deductible and you still have great rates. Coverage includes two cleanings a year and a tiered benefit schedule based on what procedures you have done.


For a small copay you get one exam every twelve months and can use your benefit towards glasses or contacts in that same period.

Sick Leave

Because we want a healthy workplace, everyone gets 10 sick days per year that can be used for when you are feeling ill or are going to a scheduled medical/dental/vision exam.

Short-Term Disability

Combined with the benefit from our Short-Term Disability provider, Schell Games provides up to 6 week of 100% paid leave, and 6 weeks of 50% paid leave. The period of 50% paid leave can be supplemented with vacation or sick leave.

Long-Term Disability

The studio provides Long-term Disability Insurance. LTD insurance pays 60% of your salary up to a $10,000 monthly maximum, minus taxes, should you become disabled for a period of longer than 90 days. This benefit will be reduced in the event you qualify for Social Security Disability.

Vacation Leave

Everyone needs a break and time to recharge, so all full-time employees get 18 days of paid vacation. If you start in the middle of the year, you get a prorated amount. There is no waiting period to start using your time.

Company Holidays

The studio offers 13 paid holidays: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and the day after Thanksgiving. Additionally, the studio is closed for Winter Break from December 24th through January 1st.

Parental Leave

All new parents are automatically eligible for 1 week of 100% paid Parental Leave, followed by 6 weeks of 50% paid Parental Leave that can be supplemented with Vacation and Sick Leave. Our Short-Term Disability will also apply for pregnancies.

Family Care Leave

After missing 5 days of work to care for a family member experiencing a critical decline in health requiring doctor’s care or a serious health condition requiring intensive care, an employee will be eligible for 10 days of Paid Family Care Leave. Employees are eligible once in a twelve month period.

Bereavement Leave

The studio provides up to three paid days for the passing of an immediate family member and one paid day for non-immediate family members.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The EAPs from both Unum and UPMC provide employees with a wide range of resources and help in areas including Family, Health, Life, Money and Work. This can include mental health professionals or lawyers, and is anonymous as far as Schell Games is concerned.


We want to help you make good steps towards your retirement so we auto-enroll you at a 5% contribution rate. We'll escalate you by 1% a year until you reach 10%, so you'll get our full match. Once you're at a 10% contribution rate you'll receive the maximum employer match of 3.5% of your salary. You can choose from a tax deferred 401(k) or a Roth 401(k).

Professional Development

The studio allows all employees the opportunity to attend conferences, seminars, and classes that will aid in their professional development. Accordingly, the studio will, in addition to granting paid time off (Development Leave days), reimburse the employee for 2/3 of the total cost of attendance, including registration, hotel, and transportation costs. This benefit is limited to $1,200 per employee per year.

Jam Week

One week every year we stop our projects and have a Game Jam. We feed you all day and let you choose what kind of game you want to make. Occasionally, projects from Jam Week go on to become funded studio projects.

Employees enjoy memberships to:

  • IGDA
  • VR/AR Association
  • Mattress Factory
  • The Children’s Museum
  • AIXR Membership