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Josh Brannon He/Him

Advanced Artist

What's the best thing about working at Schell Games?

Hands down, it's gotta be all the cool people I get to work with on a daily basis. Not only are they skilled in their craft, but they're also just nice, decent humans who care about each other and have a variety of interests and hobbies. I've learned a lot from the friends and coworkers I have here at Schell Games.

What motivated you to begin working in the game industry?

I've played games virtually my whole life. As far back as the fifth grade, I can remember having aspirations of one day working on them. It all kind of clicked though when I got to high school, that's when I got the chance to learn some of the skills involved in game dev. The tools were fun to play around with, the challenges were interesting, and I was hooked!

What’s the best piece of advice you received?

It wasn't really direct advice, but I got really into philosophy during the lockdown and this quote from Alan Watts really stuck with me: "the meaning of life is just to be alive". It's so simple, but it helped me overcome a bout of massive existential angst and now it helps me frame the way I view the world and other people.

What was your favorite game as a child?

The first console I ever had was a lime green Gameboy Color and that thing went everywhere with me. My favorite game was Pokémon; I started with Blue (but Ruby is my all-time favorite of the series).

If you could instantly become an expert in anything, what would it be?

There are so many things I wish I was an expert in (like, SO MANY). To choose just one, it has to be cooking. I love to cook, even if most of the time the dishes come out just okay. Whether it's instant or not, I'll keep practicing so that maybe one day I'll get to an expert level.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Pittsburgh?

Aside from staying inside and playing video games, Pittsburgh has some really nice bike trails that I like to ride every once in a while. I used to ride them every day to get to work; the studio is right along the trail so it was a super easy commute.

What are you most proud of working on while at Schell Games?

There have been a lot of really neat projects that I've had the chance to be a part of. When it comes to what I'm most proud of, It's not specifically a project. I, along with some other wonderful Schell Gamers, have been pushing the studio to make more accessible games and experiences. Over several projects, I've had the chance to talk to the team about best practices and lead conversations around inclusion. It's not technically part of my job description, but I'm very happy to have the opportunity to do it!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Oh, easily teleportation. I really dislike long travel times and I get car-sick, so cutting those out of my life would be the best superpower for me. Saving on airline tickets would be a nice benefit too.

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What was the weirdest job you ever had?

I can't say I've had a very weird job so far in my life. I did once work at a general store that sold party balloon bouquets. We would have entire days spent filling up latex balloons. Needless to say, tying balloons is now a well-practiced skill.

What beverage do you always have on hand at work? Coffee, tea, or other?

I am an absolute fiend for tea ⁠— It's borderline obsessive. At any given time, I have 20+ flavors on and around my desk and I love making people try them. I've made it my mission in life to try as many strange flavors as possible, but also to try adding tea into whichever cooking/baking projects I can. I highly recommend earl grey pancakes.