Employee Spotlights

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Mike Sanchez

Senior Animator

What is the weirdest job youʼve ever held?

I once had a job with a home improvement company going door to door in neighborhoods where they were doing work, and handing out raffle tickets for free home improvement services, like windows, doors, or siding. A couple weeks in I found out that not only were they not doing any work in those neighborhoods, that there was no raffle either. I was basically getting people to write down their name and phone number and what things they felt their home needed, so that telemarketers could start calling and hounding them.That started me on the path to find a career I loved doing, instead of going home at the end of the day hating myself.

What is your favorite all-time game?

I love local co-op games, favorites being Super Bomberman and Worms. Favorite overall experience playing a game would be either Resident Evil 2 or Journey. Iʼm also an RPG fan, with Tales of Symphonia, Disgaea, and Ni No Kuni being favorites.

What games are you playing right now?

I play games mostly with my 8 year old daughter now, so a lot of Pokemon, Skylanders, and Disney Infinity. We also recently played through Child of Light together. Current non-kiddie games include Tales of Graces, The Banner Saga, and FTL.

What motivated you to begin working in the game industry?

Iʼve been a gamer most of my life, but I honestly never considered making games until I came to Schell Games. I worked in television for the majority of my career, which I think, is why Schell Games contacted me about working with them on Puzzle Clubhouse. After coming aboard, I felt drawn to the game development process. There are lots of challenges, a strong collaboration aspect, and a layer of problem solving in it for me that wasnʼt really present in TV production.

What inspires you?

My family and friends. Iʼm surrounded by amazing people that inspire me to be a better person.

What is your proudest achievement?

Personally, getting to marry my best friend, and having two beautiful daughters with her.

Professionally, thereʼs something incredibly satisfying about seeing a child, especially your own, not only watch, but interact with and be engaged by a character youʼve brought to life through animation. It lets you know youʼve done your job well.

What is your hidden talent?

I am nigh-unbeatable at Spades. Unless my partner is complete rubbish, then itʼs obviously their fault. I also practice Reiki, and have yet to lose a game of Pretty Pretty Princess.

What is the best thing about working at Schell Games?

The people. There is a commitment to quality here that everyone shares that I really appreciate. Plus, they are all quirky, interesting people that make the work environment really fun.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I canʼt play games on my computer anymore. I work on one all day long, and I just canʼt wind down in front of one to relax and play. Itʼs funny, because some of my earliest experiences playing games was on a home computer, playing adventure games like Space Quest, Kingʼs Quest, 7th Guest and Myst.

How long have you worked at Schell Games?

About two and a half years now!