Employee Spotlights

Spotlight 1

Kirsten Rispin She/Her

Senior Production Manager

What is the weirdest job you've ever held?

It's not really weird, but it was interesting. I worked as a house keeper for a couple of summers in high school. It was interesting to see the state of some of the rooms after people would check out.

What is your favorite all-time game?

I love playing Scrabble, chess, and Tetris. However, the BioShock series is something I could play over and over.

What games are you playing right now?

Currently I am trying to play through the Uncharted Series, but I am still on the first game, Drake's Fortune.

What motivated you to begin working in the game industry?

Having a background in music composition, I was always impressed with the quality of game music and sound effects I would hear in the games my friends and family would play. I decided that I wanted to try to make sound effects and compose music for games, but along the way I realized that I felt better suited at production. I made the switch and didn't look back!

What inspires you?

I find a lot of inspiration when I spend time outdoors. Either hiking through the woods or kayaking on the river, being surrounded by nature inspires and refuels me. I also find inspiration in storytelling, both fictional and non-fictional. I am inspired by the stories people tell, and the many different forms these stories can take: poetry, photography, literature, shows, movies, music, art etc.

Spotlight 4

What is your proudest achievement?

I think currently my proudest achievement, aside from marrying my best friend and recently moving into our new home, has been earning my master's degree from CMU's Entertainment Technology Center and being awarded the Anne Humphreys' Memorial Award. This award is presented to a student in each graduating class in honor of Anne Humphreys, an Entertainment Technology Center faculty member who passed away from cancer. The award is in recognition of her "indomitable character and the fact that she was an inspiration to all who knew her." I feel honored to have received this award; to be recognized as someone who lives not only with a passion to help others but also with a passion to make a positive difference in the world.

Spotlight 3 small

What piques your curiosity?

I have a lot of existential questions, but I am often most curious about the human psyche. I am fascinated by the multitude of ways humans respond to their environments, and I am curious to try to understand not only that, but also what drives people.

What is your hidden talent?

I love to sing, and am a classically trained singer. I will sing anything from opera to karaoke classics! I am also a limbo master!

Spotlight 2

What is the best thing about working at Schell Games?

Working on interesting and challenging projects with great people in a fun and supportive environment!

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Before I transferred from Nyack College, I was a Division II catcher on their softball team.

How long have you worked at Schell Games?

9 months!