Two-Handed Weapons Update Available Now


Today we launched the 1.3 update of our virtual reality (VR) sword fighting game Until You Fall. At this time, the update brings content and quality of life improvements to Meta Quest, Meta Rift, VIVEPORT, and Steam platforms.

This new update entails:

  • Three new two-handed weapons: Fate’s End, Cold Iron Greataxe, and Captain’s Warhammer
  • Localization of UI, game text, and VO subtitles for multiple languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Korean, and Japanese
  • Smooth turning option
  • Seven new achievements and an update to the existing achievements to account for new content

For more details and a full list of the bug fixes, take a look at the update notes on the Until You Fall website.

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Forge Shots Line Up

The update excitement extends over on our official Until You Fall Discord server with a brand new Server Challenge!

With the Heavy Hitters Challenge, players will need to complete a full run of the game on any difficulty, while equipped with any two "heavy" weapons - primarily highlighting the brand new two-handed weapons. Rune Knights who submit screenshots of their weapon inspection in the final boss room will be eligible to win real-life Until You Fall swag - including t-shirts, posters, and the Swordwave OST vinyl album.

If you haven't already, come gather around the Runeforge with your fellow Champions on our official Discord server.